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How to throw the perfect lingerie party

A lingerie party is a great way to learn more about sheer lingerie styles or other types of lingerie while reconnecting with a group of girlfriends. This article provides some suggestions on planning a successful lingerie party.

A lingerie party is a wonderful way to learn more about various types of lingerie, such as sheer lingerie. A lingerie party is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, but is also a great way to get some girl time in for no good reason at all. If you have never thrown a lingerie party, however, then you may not know where to begin. Read on for some tips on throwing a successful sheer lingerie party.

Connect With a Lingerie Consultant

If you do not already have a regular lingerie consultant, it is easy to find one online. A simple search in your favorite search engine will provide a list of home party planners. Take the time to look around the website before making a commitment. You will want to know how much the consultant charges, how long the party will be, whether there is a sales minimum and whether door prizes are provided. Also look for testimonials and recommendations.

Work with your consultant to determine what types of lingerie will be highlighted. Sheer lingerie, nightwear and matching lingerie sets are just a few of the possible themes. Try to have some ideas in mind, but be open to the consultant’s expert opinions as well.

Make a Guest List

You may want to invite only your closest friends. However, many people feel that lingerie parties work the best with a bigger guest list. Just be sure that you know potential guests well enough to determine whether they would be offended by sheer lingerie or other risqué items.

Send Out Invitations

Depending on the formality of your party, you can send invitations by email or postal mail. Other ideas include handing them out in person or simply issuing invitations by telephone.

Plan Games and Prizes

Your lingerie consultant should have some ideas for appropriate party games. If she does not, then you can look online for inspiration. Just remember that party games should be fairly short, include all of your guests and offer silly, theme-appropriate prizes.

Make the Food

A party is not a party without food. However, the food need not be elaborate. If not held at a meal time, food can be as simple as chips and dip or as elaborate as finger sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres. Wine or champagne adds an elegant touch, but be sure to provide plenty of nonalcoholic beverages as well.

Don’t Forget the Music

A great party needs great music. Choose songs that will make a great background track for the bulk of the party. Also choose some great dance tracks for times when the party gets off-track or after the lingerie portion ends.

Consider Turning the Party Into a Sleepover

The sheer lingerie or other lingerie style will form the backbone of your party. However, the party is also a great way to reconnect with your friends. Why not continue the excitement by turning your party into a sleepover? You and your friends can pretend you’re back in high school by giving each other makeovers and scaring yourselves silly with horror movies. Finish off the bottle of wine and show off your new sheer lingerie.

Why not bring some excitement to a dull weekend with a hot lingerie party? A professional lingerie consultant can help you work out the details and create a truly successful bash. Common themes include exotic lingerie, sheer lingerie and nightwear, but do not limit your options. Instead, use your imagination to create a night to remember.